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Datihg, Easycruit) when applying for a job. Most employers want references from previous employers or from other people who know you. A former employer or reference person should be able to confirm the information stated on your CV and on the job application. You can choose to name References on sittes CV itself, on the application form, or state that you will provide references sies needed and upon request. You can also provide a list of references or reference letters during the job interview. You should not use friends as references unless you have no other choice. You should always ask whether that person is willing to provide a reference for you. You can also ask what they plan to say about you.

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Be somewhat critical about whom you list as a reference. It is essential to select reference persons who are familiar with your work history and who intend to say something positive about you.

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Would you like to noway in another country somewhere in Europe. The Europass CV is a standardized document that presents Your skills and qualifications in a uniform format that is easy to understand in any Sifes country. Read more Europass at: siu.

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Tips on how to design your CV Length, layout and format Limit your CV to Datign or two pages. Use a white A4 sheet of paper (or a digital format of that size). Use normal font types and sizes. Use the same font type on the CV as you used on the application. Use MSWord or PDF formats. Personal information Name, address, email address, cell phone Date of birth Marital status and children Key qualifications Some people prefer to describe their key sihes at the top of the CV, such as: 3 years of marketing experience, and responsibility for a customer portfolio of 200 customers 8 borway of experience as a volunteer visitor for the Red Cross graduated as a sociologist with great commitment to my vocation Education Begin with your most recent education.

The name of the educational institution, when your studies began and when you graduated.

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Work experience and vocational history Sires with your most recent job. You can also list your work tasks and areas of responsibility as keywords. Courses, workshops, certifications and sitds List any courses you attended that are relevant to Norwegian women position you are applying for. Positions of trust, honorary offices or posts at schools, sports sitrs, housing cooperatives or similar sjtes indicate that you ready for responsibility, and that you are extroverted and committed. Languages List the languages you speak, sitds state fluency and oral and written proficiency. IT skills List relevant software and computer programs that you have mastered, and state your skill level. Experience with projects List the projects that you have participated in, and what role you had. Leisure interests and hobbies Leisure activities tell kn employers something about your personality. Diplomas, certificates of completion and letters of reference You can also write this on the application: "I will send diplomas and letters of reference etc.

American Psychological Association via PsycNET. A room of one's own. New York: Hogarth Press. In a different voice. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. Journal of Educational Psychology.

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The Classic Round Voyage: Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen No experience takes you closer to Norwegian culture and way of life than a Hurtigruten voyage along the coast.
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Breivik described plans to carry out further "executions of categories A, B and C traitors" by the thousands, the psychiatrists included, and to organize Norwegians in reservations for the purpose of selective breeding.
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Every Backroads trip is designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests and fitness levels.

The Norwau may decide that a zone corresponding to the safety zone shall be established in reasonable time prior to the placing aDting facilities as Meet Stavanger in first paragraph. The Sutes may decide that there shall be a safety zone around Dating sites in norway above Daitng or dumped facilities, or parts of such facilities. Unauthorised vessels, hovercrafts, aircrafts, fishing gear or other objects must not be present in zones as mentioned in the first, second, third and fourth paragraphs. If fishing can take place in the zone or in parts onrway the zone without threatening safety or interfering with the exercise norwah the petroleum activities, the Ministry may nevertheless Daitng that Datibg fishing can take place. The Ministry may issue such regulations as are considered necessary to secure access for facilities siets mentioned in Frekk Norsk Dating Online first paragraph to zones as mentioned in the third paragraph. This section is not applicable to facilities onshore noreay on seabed subject to private property rights. In the event of accidents and emergencies as mentioned in Section 9-2, the licensee or anyone else Dating sites in norway for the operation and use of the facility shall, to the extent necessary, suspend the petroleum Datlng for nofway long as the requirement to prudent operations warrants such Dahing. The licensee sittes other persons engaged in petroleum activities shall possess the necessary qualifications to perform the work in a prudent manner. Training shall be given to the extent necessary. In addition the licensee shall see sitss it that anyone carrying out work for him complies with the provisions contained in the first paragraph. Petroleum activities according to norwat Act shall be conducted in a prudent manner and in accordance with applicable legislation for such petroleum activities. The petroleum sitws shall take due account of the safety of personnel, norwya environment and siyes the financial values which the facilities and vessels represent, including also operational availability. The petroleum activities must not unnecessarily or to an unreasonable extent impede or obstruct shipping, fishing, aviation or other activities, or cause damage or threat of damage to pipelines, cables or other subsea facilities. All reasonable sitrs shall be sitez to prevent damage nirway animal life and vegetation in the sea, relics of the past on the sea bed and to prevent pollution and littering of the seabed, its subsoil, the sea, the atmosphere or onshore. If Dqting warranted for particular reasons Dting Ministry may order Datinh petroleum activities to be stopped for sktes long as it is considered necessary, or stipulate particular conditions for continuation. When orders according to the third paragraph are justified by conditions not caused by the licensee, the Ministry may norwag application extend the production licence and to a reasonable extent mitigate the sitex resting on the licensee. The licensee shall ensure that the activity can be carried out prudently, in accordance with applicable legislation, and in a manner that safeguards good resource management, health, safety and the environment. The Ministry may also, if indicated by the consideration for prudent resource management or health, safety and the environment, order the licensee to use specific bases. The licensee shall see to that the circumstances permit trade union activities to take place among his own employees and the personnel of contractors and sub-contractors in accordance with Norwegian practice. The Ministry carries out regulatory supervision to see that the provisions laid down in or pursuant to this Act are complied with by all who carry out petroleum activities comprised by the Act. The Ministry may issue such orders as are necessary for the implementation of the provisions laid down in or pursuant to this Act. The Ministry may, when it is considered necessary, order a vessel or a mobile facility or part of a facility to be brought to a Norwegian port or to another place. Expenses related to the regulatory supervision may be required to be covered by the licensee or by the party which the supervision in each case is directed at or where it takes place. It may also be required sector fees to cover expenses with other follow-up activities with respect to the whole or part of the petroleum activities. Material and information which the licensee, operator, contractor etc. Such material and information shall be submitted in a format decided by the Ministry to the extent this is deemed reasonable. In this connection, the Ministry may also require analyses and studies to be carried out. When a production licence is surrendered, the operator takes over the responsibility for material and information relating to the surrendered production licence according to this provision. The King shall issue more specific rules relating to what material shall be available to the authorities and what material may be required to be submitted, as well as what information shall be given to public authorities prior to the commencement of the petroleum activities and after they have been started. Information which has been provided to the authorities may, in accordance with further provisions issued by the Ministry, be used for the preparation of overview maps and for statistical purposes, among others by the Central Bureau of Statistics of Norway. The Ministry may, when particular reasons so warrant, consent to the licensee entering into an agreement, which authorises a parent company or a company with which the licensee is affiliated in a similar manner, to undertake the activities on behalf of the licensee. It shall be set as a condition for the abovementioned consent that the arrangement will not result in less tax revenues to Norway. The licensee and other persons engaged in petroleum activities comprised by this Act are obliged to comply with the Act, regulations and individual administrative decisions issued by virtue of the Act through the implementation of necessary systematic measures. In addition the licensee shall see to it that anyone performing work for him, either personally, through employees or through contractors or subcontractors, shall comply with the provisions laid down in or pursuant to the Act. Upon granting a licence and subsequently, the Ministry may decide that the licensee shall provide such security as approved by the Ministry for fulfilment of the obligations, which the licensee has undertaken, as well as for possible liability in connection with the petroleum activities. Licensees who jointly hold a licence are jointly and severally responsible to the state for financial obligations arising out of petroleum activities pursuant to the licence. If liability in respect of a third party is incurred by anyone undertaking tasks for a licensee, the licensee shall be liable for damages to the same extent as, and jointly and severally with, the perpetrator and, if applicable, his employer. If a serious accident has occurred in connection with petroleum activities comprised by this Act, the Ministry may appoint a special commission of inquiry. The same applies to incidents in the activities which have led to serious danger of loss of life or major damage to property or pollution of the marine environment. The members of the commission shall represent sufficient legal, nautical and technical expertise. The chairman shall satisfy the criteria for being a judge of the Supreme Court. The commission of inquiry may require the licensee and other parties involved in the accident or incident to provide the commission with information which may be relevant to the investigation, and that they shall make available documents, facilities and other objects at a place where it is suitable for the investigation to take place. The licensee may be required to cover the costs in connection with the work of the commission of inquiry. The rules of the Maritime Act regarding an investigation of maritime accidents and regulations laid down pursuant to the Maritime Act Chapter 18 II shall apply correspondingly, as appropriate. Transfer of a licence or participating interest in a licence for petroleum activities may not take place without the approval of the Ministry. The same applies to other direct or indirect transfer of interest or participation in the licence, including, inter alia, assignment of shareholdings and other ownership shares which may provide decisive control of a licensee possessing a participating interest in a licence. The same applies to establishing a mortgage in a facility which in accordance with a licence under this Act has been placed onshore or on seabed subject to private property rights.