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Presidenten: Replikkordskiftet er over. Dette er noe de har blitt enige om med de tillitsvalgte og bedriftsledelsen. La meg bare understreke to ting. Det ene: Motivasjon og trivsel er viktig innenfor alle fag, og det har en verdi.

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Presidenten: Neste taler er Marit Knutsdatter Strand. Er det et skifte. Dette er ikke en snuoperasjon. Den retorikken fortsetter i dag.

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Resultatene i lesing ble forbedret. Det ligger i dagens lov. Eller er det dagens innstilling og dermed venstredreiningen som gjelder.

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Det er rett og slett en uredelig framstilling. Til det siste som representanten tok opp, vil jeg egentlig bare vise til hva Jente selv skriver. Vi har bygget Greve biogassfabrikk, eller Den Magiske Fabrikken, som vi kaller den lokalt. Men det er ikke bare i Vestfold det skjer. Dette representantforslaget inneholder slike jennter. Avfall Norge, som bransjeorganisasjon for avfalls- og gjenvinningsbransjen, har levert innspill til komiteens behandling av forslaget.

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Sungle er i dag mye ledig kapasitet i markedet. Det manglende markedet viser tydelig at eksisterende virkemidler ikke er tilstrekkelige. Klimanytten ved norsk biogassproduksjon kan overstige 100 pst. Jeg skngle legge til: Look to Vestfold. Bilparken er i endring.

Some of the most prominent businesswomen in Norway are daughters of rich company founders. Then there is the negative media coverage around several other women in the spotlight. Anita Krohn Traaseth, head of Innovation Norway, has faced intense criticism for hiring a billionaire daughter. Similarly, some commentators have wondered if gender played a role in the recent ousting of Berit Svendsen, a senior executive at telecoms operator Telenor, despite denials by the company. As a female top executive in the private sector, you are more visible as you are in such a minority. Board quotas worked for the small singe of public companies but turned out to be too blunt an instrument to tackle the executive problem. Strikingly, however, the private limited companies, Møtt are far larger in number than their public counterparts, have more female executives about 16 per cent even though they have fewer female board members, at about 18 per cent. Men recruit CEOs that look like themselves.

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While unrevealed income was associated with HIV, income did not seem to be relevant for Chlamydia and was, in the category of 300-500 thousand Norwegian crowns per year, protective for gonorrhoea. A positive linear trend between the number of male sexual partners in life and the prevalence of Chlamydia and HIV was observed (p for trend This is the first Internet study on sexual risk behaviour among MSM in Norway. Our predominantly well-educated study population frequently used the Internet for dating, reported prevalent partner exchange including recent casual or anonymous partners, and alcohol use. Our results suggest that MSM, who reported any selected STI in the past year, represent different demographic groups and groups with different risk behaviours. Younger age, non-western background, number of lifetime male sexual partners and unsafe sex singpe the influence of alcohol in the Møt single jenter menter months were factors associated with Chlamydia. Similarly, non-western background was also Singel with HIV infection, as well as residence in Oslo or Akershus county, unrevealed income, more than 50 lifetime male sexual partners and being under the influence of selected drugs during sex in the past 12 months. HIV infection was decreasingly associated with the frequency of feeling drunk in a given month. Gonorrhoea sinngle associated with unrevealed ethnic background, Møt single jenter than 50 lifetime male sexual partners and having more than 5 male sexual partners menter the past 6 months. Reporting a mid-range income category seemed to be protective. Collecting data with no human interviewers and without any personally identifying information might have been grounds for more jented answers on behaviour. Our study has received considerable public attention Møt single jenter was well-known isngle MSM. Thus, we were able to collect data from relatively large numbers of respondents from all health regions in Norway. Singl Internet coverage and almost universal computer jjenter in Norway made our study widely accessible. Since our questionnaire took about 45 minutes to complete, we assume double entries were rare. Representativeness and generalization of the results to the entire MSM population in Jnter might not be sinhle, as Internet sampling is subject to selection Møt single jenter, misrepresentation as a member of the sampled population, repeated participation, missing data, inability to gather biological specimens etc. Those with an STI in the past year might have been more likely to be aware of the past risk behaviour (recall bias) - thus overestimating the effect size - and to respond as we posted the banner inviting respondents to "help prevent HIV infection" (selection bias). Using self-reporting to estimate STI prevalence could introduce measurement error. Similarly, respondents with an STI, which was not selected as an outcome, could also decrease these associations. To estimate the frequency of alcohol consumption, we used a rather subjective "feeling of being drunk". Since no adjustment for multiple comparisons was made, some of the significant associations might appear due to chance. Despite the large number of participants, we were not able to show statistically significant effects for rare exposures (such as not having a date with Internet partner and paying or receiving money for sex), when the effect size is small. Gonorrhoea as an outcome was rare, which limited our power to detect factors associated with infection. Nonetheless, we believe the study provides an important insight into current MSM behaviour in Norway. Comparing the findings of our study with other studies is of limited value, as there are notable differences in recruitment sites, inclusion criteria, methodology (including definitions) and STI epidemiology among MSM. An Internet study from USA, focusing on a six-month period in 2001, reported 0. More than a half (57. Immigrants with non-western background seemed underrepresented in our sample (1. In a prospective study in Australia, urethral gonorrhoea and Chlamydia in MSM were associated with these common risk factors: younger age, contact with gonorrhoea or Chlamydia infected sexual partner and a higher number of casual partners in the past 6 months. In addition, gonorrhoea was associated with UAI with HIV positive casual partners, and urethral Chlamydia with more frequent insertive oral sex with ejaculation with casual partners. Chlamydia, syphilis and HIV infection may be present for a long time before being noticed or diagnosed, contributing to the fact that relevant exposures, leading to the infection, might have happened a long time ago and behaviour might have changed during this time or, particularly, after the diagnosis and counselling. We can see that some potential risk factors, limited to the past 6 or 12 months before the study, were not important for these infections. Number of lifetime male sexual partners seemed to be more important for HIV and Chlamydia than number of male sexual partners in the past 6 months. Nonetheless, most MSM in our study do come from Oslo or Akershus and engaging in sex with multiple and casual partners is likely adjacent to the urban lifestyle. Although reported by only 1. Specific reasons for vulnerability of immigrant MSM for STI in Norway could be a subject of further research. Alcohol might influence the STI transmission by behaviour, sexual arousal, adverse effects on the immune system or perhaps a third, confounding variable (e. Although not significant, prevalence ratio estimates were highest among "moderate drinkers" (groups feeling drunk once or up to three times in an average month) among gonorrhoea and Chlamydia cases. This might imply drinking in social situations and venues (e. The importance of alcohol in STI transmission is on the other hand emphasized by "unsafe sex under the influence of alcohol in the past 12 months" associated with higher prevalence ratio for Chlamydia. Being under the influence of selected drugs during sex was associated with reported HIV infection in the last year, but not with Chlamydia or gonorrhoea. Further research is needed on the importance of specific drugs in HIV transmission among MSM in Norway. This first Internet study on sexual risk behaviour of MSM in Norway has reached a large and active online MSM community, thus the possibility of Internet based health interventions could be further explored. Our study demonstrates different associations of demographic and behavioural factors with different STI outcomes in the study population. The number of male sexual partners and ethnic background seem to be the most important predictors for Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV. Additional research is needed to analyse the association of STI with specific drug and alcohol use. To evaluate time trends and the effectiveness of preventive measures, behavioural studies among MSM in Norway should be repeated regularly.