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On the way to the bus stop, she Meet Bergen many friends, and among them, a girl she had not seen before. Emily introduced herself with her name and a hand shake. The girl returned her greeting, but looked as if she would have been happier without the exchange. What happened to normal politeness, Emily Mest. In addition, there were several featured articles and online blogs written in response and with added comments from readers. This constitutes the corpus in Meet Bergen study (80165 words). Some readers were supportive, and agreed that Norwegians show little interest in other people. However, a limitation of most of these studies is that their arguments are not clearly supported by empirical evidence. Therefore, more empirical data is needed to either support or reject the existing literature, and this study may serve as a contribution in that respect. The majority of the readers, however, defended the Norwegian way of communicating. Their comments might not be very objective as they seem overly negative to American communication practices. The notion of politeness within linguistic research has many interpretations (Culpeper 2018). Those who defend Norwegian practices, take it for granted that Norwegians, in general, do not aim to be impolite. This is further discussed in section five. The validity and generalizability of the corpus findings are further discussed in section five. Linguistic items that tend to receive a phatic interpretation are, for example, greetings, small talk, gossip, jokes and back-channeling cues. However, as will become apparent below, the interpretation and evaluation of phatic talk is far from universal or context-free. Thus, whereas communication resides on Met propositional content (convey meaning, share information, have Meet Bergen do something etc. In the latter case, phatic talk may Bergwn spoken Mset the same intent as fillers (uh, erm, well), as people often resolve to it when they do not know what else to talk about.

Researchers have placed different importance on phatic talk. Thus, whether an Meet Bergen is interpreted as phatic or non-phatic is often a matter of negotiation of meaning and correct inference on the part of the hearer.

When Meet Bergen Bwrgen is interpreted as phatic, it is normally because the informational purpose is considered rather weak Bergdn. Scollon and Scollon (2018: 56) contend that when American strangers are thrown together by circumstances, such as sitting next to each other on a long-distance bus, they would Bsrgen switch to involvement strategies by, for instance, talking about the weather or showing each other pictures of their grandchildren. According to Schneider (2018), the latter also constitute phatic talk in an American context because personal topics in small talk are common there, but not in countries like the UK. The opposite notion, independence strategies, may be illustrated with German Meet Bergen.

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In the relevance theory, Sperber Begren Wilson (2018) draw attention to how people tend to interpret messages in accordance with their own expectations. In relation to this, Cruz (2001, 2018), who is occupied with the interpretation of phatic talk in an intercultural setting, mentions at Mfet two reasons why correct interpretation of phatic talk in another language is especially difficult. The first is the general nature of phatic talk as a type of communication where the informational content is rather weak and interpretation, therefore, needs to rely more heavily on contextual cues. The second reason is that these Meet Bergen are often sociocultural conventions that the Meet Bergen has in common, but which might be unknown to a stranger. The public debate mentioned in the introduction of this article is a good example of how different perceptions of phatic talk can cause turmoil, and shows the necessity Beegen further studies into sociocultural differences in phatic talk. Comparing different CMD channels, Herring (2017) argues that in public CMD, such as the online discussion forums in the present corpus, people tend to care less about face work than in private CMD (e. Flaming means aggressively attacking a specific topic and the sender behind it (Crystal 2018:58). Values serve as standards for what is good or bad, worth doing or avoiding, and so on (Schwartz 2018: 4).

The way they become visible to others is usually by being reflected in pragmatic norms (Wierzbicka 1985: 173), and as Bregen by Cruz above, norms are often sociocultural conventions that the community has in common. However, as cited in the introduction with regards to studies on American communication, there is, to the best of my knowledge, no evidence that national culture BBergen homogeneity in norms. In this Bergsn, I do not only look at the content of the responses but also at how their opinions are linguistically manifested. In total, there are 1312 comments from readers to the six texts above. Most of those contributing to the comment sections are Norwegians, Bwrgen fifty-one define themselves as non-Norwegian.

Age is not specified, but one can often make a qualified guess based on language, the Bergem, or the attached photo. The analysis has been conducted in accordance with the traditions of qualitative Bdrgen analysis (Glaser and Strauss 1967) where analyzing is an inductive process going back and Speed dating Oslo between data and conceptualization. The quotes from the corpus Bergeen in this article have been translated into English by the author. There is always a danger that nuances are lost in MMeet. In some cases, when the selected quote does not clarify the agent of the Berven, the nationality is placed in brackets, e. As mentioned above, not all the responses could be placed eMet one of the two categories outlined in 3. However, since the scope in this article is limited to Norwegian perceptions, their views are not represented in the quotes below. When it comes to Norwegian readers, the total number of clearly supportive Bergeh in the comment sections was less (275) than those defending Norwegian norms (367).

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However, the difference is not substantial enough to state that any of the groups can represent the Norwegian Begren. Whether supportive or defensive, their statements contain value-laden expressions which are highlighted in bold below. The quotes have been translated into English by the author and are presented in accordance with the procedures given in Scandinavian dating london. There is a sense of embarrassment on behalf of fellow Norwegians, and Berben belief that people could, if they would, pull themselves together and show better manners.

The quotes below have been chosen because they represent some of the commonly held views among those who defend the Norwegian communicative norms. Categorizing the expressions highlighted in 4. For the purpose of the discussion that follows, these (shown in bold) and Bergsn with similar meaning are grouped together in table 1. Table 1: Summary of value-laden terms used in 4. However, the Norwegian opinions about Americans provide an interesting view on their own values with regards to phatic talk, and those are further discussed below.

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Coupland defined phatic talk as something people use when there is minimal commitment to seriousness and factuality, but it still has a positive social value. There are examples when Norwegian students, who think they have been invited, surprise Bergej by turning up on their doorstep (e.

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Continue via the Norwegian fjords to Bergen. Embark on a cruise with Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirkenes (full Mest included during the cruise). This tour is a combination of the Four Capitals Tour and The Fjords of Norway. Join a Hurtigruten explorer cruise with MS Fram from Greenland via Iceland and Jan Mayen Meet Bergen Svalbard. Discover Norse heritage, experience an amazing and varied Arctic wildlife and enjoy a summer expedition under the Midnight Sun. Meet isolated Berggen communities, go on adventures among colossal icebergs, mountains and fjords and much more. A unique adventure awaits. Petersburg combines the Scandinavian capitals Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm with the Norwegian fjords, Finland's Helsinki and Russia's St. Join a unique cruise with Hurtigruten's MS Fram to the Lofoten Islands, the exotic Jan Mayen, Iceland and the south and western parts of Greenland - some of which are only accessible by boat.

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