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We have detected you are using an old browser version which is now unsupported. To continue to our site please nee your browser with one of the following: Internet Explorer Firefox Neeed. As Wilfred also said, the culture of dating is different, Norwegians need to overcome their social awkwardness - so they drink. If sex was good, meet for more sex. After a couple of times having sex with the same person, you might end up going for a coffee. Once you go on a dinner date, you are officially together (that is the implicit way of asking to be together). Sometimes the last two switch places. On your gender and where you are from. Some nationalities are by default exciting such as Australian.

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Only because they have heard his accentI had some problems meeting girls from Oslo so I decided to go for a popular dating site in Norway: Mingle2day. Before I decdied to use online dating it was kind of tough for me to ask someone out. Not sure sccan though. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. QuoraAsk New QuestionSign InHow is dating in Oslo for expats. What's it like to date a native when you're an expat. What is san potential of expat dating. What is your review of Oslo, Norway. What is the dating scene for a male expat in Shanghai.

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Norwegians can be quite cold. As they say "if you see a man smiling at you (a man) then either he is gay or American. For expats, it may take a long time to break the ice. During my 2 years in Oslo, I had a fair amount of dates only at the end of the 2 years, and that too, I am gay and Indian (exotic), so dting may have helped.

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But here are some tips:If you want to date a local, trying to learn the language will help a lot. They appreciate it very much. Norwegians like the nature a lot, so barbecue in the mountains can be a cheaper option to fine-dine.

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Trying to learn some outdoor sports increases your chances. Inviting someone home can be nice, don't worry about the booze, everyone brings I need a dating scan own. If you are meeting other expats, then the rules of the respective communities will apply.

Overall, it can be hard to date, but it is not impossible at all. By the end of it, I actually managed a hot guy to buy me a whiskey at a bar, and I promise there was no hanky-panky involved.

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Or the bride themselves, for that matter.
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How do Norwegians think. Would Norwegian ladies date a British guy who doesn't speak Norwegian. Would a Norwegian girl date a Russian guy. Do women like dating ideal guys. Do Norwegian men cheat. How do I court a Norwegian girl through online dating. Do white guys date black men. How can I date a guy. Why are Norwegians called Norwegian and not Norwayan. Can bald guys date lots of girls. AskRelated QuestionsWhat do I need to know about dating a Norwegian. Why do some Caucasian s prefer Asian women. Do not post any personal information about you or other. Personal information will be removed by moderators. Best places to meet Norwegian men online. Unfortunately, as an American, I find it difficult I need a dating scan meet Norwegian men online. OkCupid turned up a few and international sxan sites even fewer. I've heard Meet Norwegians there's a incredibly popular dating site in Norway, that Americans don't have access to. Ecan seemed to delude yourself into thinking all Norwegians are Epic Nobel Vikings. Mine is a random cute computer smashing nerd that giggles and blushes when Dqting send butt pics. They are not all out pillaging, invading, and plundering. Those days are largely over, and stereotyping is retarded. If you find one, what do you intend to do. If the answer isn't xcan I need a dating scan pussy on Skype datint dinnertime for a guy 7 hours off from your time zone, dtaing you're in for a shock during your initial romance period. Not that a nice pussyrub isn't a good thing, it's just a bit lonely at your sating finding he's been asleep for hours and round two is not going to happen. That said, as you are American, save yourself the fucking grief of a cross planet relationship, and start looking in Minnesota. I fell in love with mine on reddit, entirely on accident when not even looking, and it's the most glorious and fucking idiotic I have ever done, all wrapped into one. His accent is one of the biggest turn ons I have ever encountered, and our budgets are about to be fucking garbage from all the travel. I was in heavy communication with a Norwegian for many months, staying up until the wee hours so that we could talk. And have friends in both England and Australia. So don't assume that I don't know about anything about time zone difference or frustration. And I'll pass on Minnesota, thanks. Which, happens to be, ya know, at the opposite end of the U. I'm interested in Norway and I'm interested in Norwegian men. Just because you stumbled upon yours by accident, doesn't give you carte blanche to piss all over that. I assume you mean Be instead of Better, but are too dumb to proofread. Just because you are fetishing over them doesn't mean they are going to have any interest in you. Minnesota is Way closer to TX than Norway, just in case you've yet to find a map in one of those shitty Texan textbooks they like to heavily edit. You got a crush on them, they showed no interest, so you continued to obsess over what else you possibly missed and are throwing the net in vain. Really, you are kind of creepy. You know what a weeaboo is. You're into that territory with this post. Why would ANY Norwegian bother to knowingly enter a long term long distance relationship with you and your delusional ideas of modern Norway. We have been meeting rather regularly over the last few years, our plans for this summer are a bit more costly than our usual as we are finishing finalizing him moving to the US. The population in Norway is about 5 million, but in Minnesota there are 6 million Norwegians (and then Swedes and Germans). As a Texan, I had no idea the European population was so high in the middle of our country (in a god-forsaken ice tundra, no less). Most of my current (Oslo) landlord's family have moved to the US. It might be more feasible for you (timezone wise, anyway) to meet a nice Norwegian man there. Just a thought, not trying to be rude. There's far too much of this nastiness on reddit. I really think people who make rude, non-fact-based comments to strangers behind the safety of their laptop screens are cowards-- and really, what's the point of it. No one feels better in the end. My landlord, a super proud Norwegian lawyer, gave me that '6 million' statistic (and I didn't check it, so it might be totally off. They are passport holders. I did in fact live in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin for a time and would assume that like Wisconsin, those of German heritage would vastly outnumber Norwegians. I still wish to experience Norway (and had plans to do so with the Norwegians in Oslo that I've communicated with) but your suggestion is very much appreciated. And not at all rude.